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The Ultimate Oregon Camping Guide

Sharing stories and marshmallows around a campfire is an age-old American practice –– a historical antidote to the anxieties caused by the modern world.

For Oregon, the camping experience is only heightened by the towering pines and trickling streams that run deep into the many forests of the Pacific Northwest.

But of all the incredible outdoor destinations in Oregon, where should you plan to go camping?

Oregon Coast

With dense forests up and down Highway 101, most of which directly accompany long stretches of sandy beach, the Oregon Coast boasts an array of spectacular camping sights.

Although most of the Oregon Coast offers a plethora of accessible camping destinations, there are certain spots, such as Cape Lookout State Park, which are especially magnificent.

If you can put up with rain and cool temperatures, the Oregon Coast proves great for crowd-dodging and getting really lost in the woods.

Mt. Hood

Just outside of Portland, Mt. Hood emerges from the midst of some of Oregon’s most impressive wilderness.

With miles of protected old-growth forest, Mt. Hood's surrounding area offers a league of supreme campsites –– perfect for those who enjoy streams and lakes.

Although camping in the Portland area proves more crowded (and expensive) than more rural locations, campsites like Trillium Lake are well-groomed, making the area ideal for families or more casual outdoorsmen.

Central Oregon

Central Oregon is a paradise for outdoor adventure, with mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and fishing being popular pastimes.

Because of this, there is an abundance of campsites that make retreating to the great outdoors a seamless venture.

Unlike Portland or more western areas in the state, Central Oregon remains dry and warm for much of the year.

Thus, you can safely plan for comfortable weather during your camping trip to Central Oregon –– a luxury that you don’t have camping elsewhere in the state.

Southern Oregon

Most people take a trip to Southern Oregon with one thing in mind, Crater Lake.

And while Crater Lake offers numerous surrounding campsites that won’t disappoint, the whole of Southern Oregon provides remarkable camping that you should take note of.

For lakes and lush forests, all set in a warmer climate than up north, Southern Oregon is home to dozens of cozy campsites, varying in cost, accessibility, and popularity.

Whether or not you plan to stop at Crater Lake, Southern Oregon provides an amazing camping experience for all sorts of outdoor preferences.

Final Thoughts: Camping in Oregon

Whatever your camping ambitions may be, Oregon certainly provides.

From the dry and hot landscape of Central Oregon to the cool and breezy beaches of the coast, Oregon boasts a diverse ecosystem, making it an ideal camping destination.

If you can handle the unpredictable weather, Oregon provides a true outdoor experience, with miles of untouched wilderness perfect for escaping into the woods with your family and friends.

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