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The Best Camping Hammocks

Updated: Jul 1

There is an endless variety of camping hammocks — some include a waterproof rainfly, others are heated and a few come with mosquito nets.

The camping hammocks described below stand out because they are lightweight, cozy and durable. Check out these top-tier camping hammocks to decide which option is best for you. 

What is a Camping Hammock, & Why Do You Need It?

A camping hammock is a portable, lightweight hammock that can withstand bad weather and keep you comfortable while sleeping outdoors.

By suspending you in the air, a camping hammock protects you from crawling insects and keeps you from having to sleep on rough and rocky terrain.

You need a camping hammock because it’s easy to pack, carry and set up while you travel.

Keep reading to learn about the 5 best camping hammock options of 2024. 

The Best Camping Hammock Today

Option 1: ENO SingleNest

The ENO SingleNest hammock is made of nylon taffeta and weighs only one pound, making it easy to carry and set up.

The camping hammock body is 9.5 feet long, which gives plenty of room to stretch out.

The SingleNest is compatible with all ENO hammock straps, stands, bug nets, rain tarps and insulation systems, so if you decide to purchase these extra accessories, they’ll fit well with your hammock body. This option fits one person and a weight capacity of 400 pounds. 

If you’d prefer a two-person hammock, check out the ENO DoubleNest, which weighs 19 ounces and supports up to 400 pounds.

It has fast-drying fabric and sturdy carabiners, keeping you comfortable and safe as you relax in your hammock.

The SingleNest costs $54.95 on and comes in 11 colors while the DoubleNest costs $58.34 on Amazon and comes in over 20 colors.

One downside is that hammock straps are not included with your purchase on REI or Amazon. The straps can be purchased separately from Amazon for $27.95.

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition weighs just under three pounds, which makes it perfect for camping and backpacking.

Its no-see-um mesh deflects wind and repels insects while keeping you comfortable and well ventilated inside.

This hammock’s waterproof polyester rainfly protects you from the elements and can be easily tilted, rolled up, removed or used separately as needed.

The hammock’s gear pocket lets you store small items out of sight, and its accompanying polyester webbing straps attach to suspending ropes for longer rope length.

You can even fold the hammock into a camping chair or pair it with hiking poles to use it as a tent on the ground. 

This zip hammock costs $169.95 on REI and comes in a dark green color. 

The Original Blackbird camping hammock is 10 feet long and comes with a non-removable mosquito net top which can easily be folded over the side of the hammock when not in use.

This camping hammock comes in three styles — the single layer Blackbird, heavyweight double Blackbird and lightweight double Blackbird — so you can select the fabric thickness that you prefer. 

The Blackbird comes in a variety of colors including green, orange and purple and includes a footbox for extra legroom and comfort.

This camping hammock is available on Warbonnet Outdoors for $175. A variety of suspension options are available for purchase as well, including polyester webbing with buckles and carabiners for $30 or becket suspension and fish hooks for $45.

This pine green hammock from Gobi Heat provides nine hours of heat per use and comes with a battery and charger.

There are three heat zones, which include the top, middle and bottom of the hammock. You can select your preferred temperature easily by clicking a button for either low, medium or high heat.

This hammock also comes with a built-in mosquito net and wind shield, and the polyester material is wind and water resistant.

The heated hammock is nine feet long and can hold up to 400 pounds. The Eclipse heated hammock, which comes with two nylon straps, costs $189 on Amazon. 

The Kammok Mantis hammock tent lets you sleep safely in the trees on a hammock with a fabric covering overhead.

The Kammok Mantis includes a breathable body as well as a tarp and insect net to protect you from any bugs.

Along with the mesh canopy, the hammock tent comes with built-in pockets so you can keep small items close at hand. This option fits one person and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

This all-in-one pine green hammock tent and matching sack are available on REI for $269.95. According to customer reviews on REI, the hammock tent is lightweight, durable and easy to set up and tear down.

Camping Hammock FAQs

Q. Is a hammock warmer than a tent?

It’s typically colder to sleep in a hammock compared to a tent because you are more exposed to the elements in a hammock. 

Q. Is it cold sleeping in a hammock?

It can be cold to sleep in a hammock, but you can buy a cozy underquilt for extra warmth and insulation.

Q. Is it OK to sleep in a hammock while camping?

Yes! The rocking of a motion of a gently swaying hammock is very peaceful and can lull you to sleep. As long as your hammock is secure, you’re safe to fall asleep.  

Q. How long will my camping hammock last?

A well-built nylon hammock will last several years if you take care of it. If you keep your hammock dry and do not expose it to the wind and rain, you can preserve the fabric for a long time.

The Bottom Line: Camping Hammock

Any of these camping hammocks would be a great choice for your next outdoors trip, and if you’d like even more options, take a look at these single and double hammocks from the popular Wise Owl Outfitters brand.

Consider whether you want a traditional style, two-person hammock or hammock tent before making your final choice. 

Enjoy a relaxing vacation with your brand-new camping hammock. 


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