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Our Favorite Headlamps for 2024

Whether you’re heading out on an early morning hike or exploring a deep, shadowy canyon, you need a reliable headlamp to light your way in the dark.

Since a headlamp is a hands-free light, you don’t have to worry about juggling a flashlight on the trail.

Check out these 5 best headlamps of 2024. 

The Best Headlamps of 2024

This compact headlamp has a 300-lumen beam and three brightness levels. The Petzl Tikkina comes with a symmetrical headband so you can adjust the size of the strap as well as a reflector that glows in the dark so you can easily locate your headlamp.

This headlamp comes with three AAA batteries and can also be charged via a separate Petzl Core rechargeable battery via a micro USB port. The battery indicator displays the charge level when you turn the headlamp on or off. 

According to customer reviews, the Petzl Tikkina is a simple, basic headlamp that is easy to operate. Some customers noted, however, that the battery cover is tight and difficult to open, making it challenging to replace the batteries. This headlamp costs $24.95 at REI and comes in four colors: blue, green, gray and red. 

One of Petzl’s headlamp accessory is the Shell LT, a headlamp storage and transport pouch that costs $5.95.Other add-ons include a $9.99 pack of 4 adhesive clips that mount the headlamp on a helmet and Noctilight, a $19.95 protective carrying case that diffuses the headlamp’s light into lantern mode. 

Option 2: NightBuddy 230° LED (H3)

This LED headlamp has a 350-lumen beam with five lighting modes of different brightness levels.

The NightBuddy has a 230॰ angle to illuminate the area around you and a new red light mode to keep bugs away. This waterproof headlamp with an adjustable black strap has an 8-hour battery life and comes with a charging cable.

Rather than just a single ray of light, this headlamp has an illuminated arched band so you can see the surroundings in your peripheral vision without any shadows. Thanks to NightBuddy’s wave sensor, you can just wave your hand to quickly turn the headlamp on. 

According to customer reviews, this thin, black headlamp produces a very bright light. Customers noted it is comfortable to wear and fits around a climbing or caving helmet. This headlamp costs $34.95 at NightBuddy.

Option 3: Nitecore NU25 

The NU25 headlamp has spotlight, floodlight and red LED-lighting modes as well as a combined spotlight and floodlight mode for extra visibility.

This outdoor headlamp is water resistant and comes with a paracord rather than a traditional headband. The NU25 is battery-powered and rechargeable via a USB-c charging cable.

This lightweight, durable option has great battery life and is ideal for backpacking, biking, jogging or hiking. 

Customers said the NU25 is lightweight and easy to use, but the cord headband can feel uncomfortable. This headlamp costs $36.95 on Amazon and comes in two colors, black and yellow.

The BioLite headlamp has eight different lighting modes, making it easy to switch between brightness levels. You can tilt the front panel downward with one hand to change the direction of the beam.

This headlamp includes a dimmable rear red visibility light with solid and strobe styles and has a maximum output of 750 lumens.

It lasts for 150 hours on low and 7 hours on high brightness and has 8 hours in reserve.

The headlamp’s battery recharges via a micro USB cord. 

According to customer reviews, the headlamp’s tilt function is helpful and simple to use.

Other customers noted that the band is somewhat bulky and heavy and can lose elasticity quickly.

headlamp costs $59.97 at BioLite and comes in two colors, moss green and gray. 

This rechargeable headlamp has a bright 400-lumen beam and a red LED night vision mode.

During daytime hours, the white LED light outputs up to 200 lumens on medium setting and 6 lumens on low. After dark, activate the night vision in either a dimming or strobe mode.

When the meter display shows a low power percentage remaining, you can easily recharge the Black Diamond Spot’s lithium-ion battery via a micro-USB charge port. 

This headlamp is fully waterproof and dustproof and can be submerged in shallow water for short periods of time. According to customer reviews, it is lightweight and very bright, with great battery life and a quick recharging time.

The Black Diamond Spot costs $64.95 at REI and comes in three colors: blue, gray and yellow.

Best Headlamp: Conclusion

Headlamps are great for hiking and climbing and a must-have for spelunking.

When you’re headed out to explore your next cave, make sure you have one of these convenient headlamps along to keep you safe as you walk and crawl through underground chasms.

Check out these headlamp options, then pick your favorite one to illuminate your next outdoor adventure.


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