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The Best Rubber Hunting Boots for 2024

Rubber hunting boots are preferred by those looking to stay dry and comfortable during their hunt.

They should have traction and comfort, while also offering impenetrable water protection in any circumstance. 

If you’re looking to invest in a good pair of rubber hunting boots, consider the following pairs –– you won’t be disappointed. 

Best Overall Boot: LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 

LaCrosse is based out of Portland, Oregon, and has made quality footwear products for over a century.

In their hunting department, LaCrosse’s rubber boots have acquired widespread acclaim and their Alphaburly Pros are proof of this. 

Crafted from flexible neoprene, the Alphaburly Pros are quiet, nimble, and superbly comfortable.

They’ll keep your toes warm in most climates making them ideal for outstanding prey. 

Because of their scent-free material, these boots won’t expose your scent, concealing the odors from your feet as your tracking game.

For $250, the Alphaburly Pros will keep you on the hunt longer and allow you to track game through dire weather conditions. 

Best Boot for Durability: Gumleaf Royal Zip 

Gumleaf has been manufacturing premium rubber boots for decades and remains a first choice for wetland hunters.

The Royal Zips are at the forefront of Gumleaf’s selection of boots. 

Not only are these boots profoundly durable, the heavy-duty nylon zipper and tightening strap ensure the Royal Zips’ 100% waterproofness.

Under no circumstances (aside from, maybe, deep-sea diving) should these boots suffer leakage. 

They are also versatile with a high-performance sole and added flexibility, ensuring comfort and agility during longer expeditions.

At $395, you can expect to pay a hefty price for the Royal Zips, but with a little care, these boots can last a lifetime of soggy hunting trips. 

Best Heavy Duty Boot: Le Chameau Chasseur Leather Lined 

For still hunting or sitting in a swampy blind, insolation remains a perennial requirement. In that case, the Chasseur Leather Lined boots by famed bootmakers, Le Chameau, will do the trick. 

From their snap button, leather insolation, and a choice of eight calf fittings, the Chasseurs are heavy, durable, well-fitted, and warm. While not the greatest for traversing lengths of land or scrambling rough terrain, the Chasseurs may be the warmest rubber boots on the market.

At $499, they’re also the most expensive. However, given that they’re handcrafted and shipped straight from Casablanca, such a price is to be expected. And to think, once you buy a pair of Chasseurs, you’ll never have to buy rubber boots again. 

Best Budget Boot: Muck Edgewater 

If you're looking for a boot that gets the job done, then look no further than Muck –– a company that’s crafted well-made and affordable boots for decades.

The Edgewater’s remain a safe pick, being utilized by many hunters on a budget for their decent overall structure. 

They aren’t the most warm, mobile, or durable, yet the Edgewaters are still decent boots. Weighing in on the heavier side, these boots prove best suited for stationary hunts, but if you're willing to bear heavy feet, the Edgewaters can manage longer jaunts. 

While not as impressive as other rubber boots on this list, the Edgewaters perform the basic tasks of a standard boot at just $120.

If you're interested in quality products that will endure decades of use, look elsewhere.

But if you need good, standard rubber boots in a pinch, the Edgewaters should appease. 

Final Thoughts: Why Should You Buy Rubber Hunting Boots? 

Rubber boots remain an essential choice for hunters braving cold and wet weather. Additionally, they offer added scent concealment making them optimal for finicky game like elk and deer.


Depending on what and how you're hunting, a rubber hunting boot could drastically improve your experience.

If you're sitting in freezing blinds for hours on end, consider higher-end options, like the Chasseurs or Royal Zips.

For playing it safe, bet on LaCrosse and you won’t be disappointed.

Whatever your desires, one of these boots will surely suffice.


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