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The 7 Best Waterproof Phone Cases for 2024

No one wants to have to worry about phone damage while spending time outside, soaking in all Mother Nature has to offer.

Whether this activity be surfing, hiking, or snowboarding, the proper phone case can alleviate any stress surrounding your device getting waterlogged.

In this article, we’ll break down the top 7 waterproof phone cases perfect for your next adventure. 

7 Best Waterproof Phone Cases Today 


OtterBox’s waterproof series, “OtterBox Frē”, was actually designed and engineered by LifeProof.

The companies teamed up back in 2013 to combine their unique, protective technologies.

This waterproof phone case is made to keep up with your underwater adventures while maintaining OtterBox’s notorious purpose to lessen the impact if your phone takes a hard fall.

Over half the waterproof phone case is made from recycled plastic, a quarter of which is ocean-based recycled plastic.

A durable but smooth design, OtterBox Frē is MagSafe with built-in magnets and can dive as deep as 2 meters for up to an hour.

The case comes in three colors: black, green, and purple, and is on the pricier side, costing roughly $100.

Learn more about this waterproof phone case.


“Catalyst Total Protection” is great for underwater photography.

The slim case is 100% waterproof and seals out all other unwanted substances as well.

Most competing products can dive up to 5 feet, but this case will keep your phone safe 33 feet down… over 6x the depth of other brands. It’s also totally drop-proof and is made to be easily washed with soap and water.

The design includes a frosted back that prevents fingerprints and hard-coated dual optical lenses.

The “Catalyst Total Protection” comes in ‘Stealth Black’ and right around OtterBox’s price costs $90. 

Learn more about this waterproof phone case.

Spider Case 

This waterproof case by Spider is suitable for any and all outdoor activities including swimming, skiing, snorkeling, and surfing.

It can be submerged in 2 meters of water for half an hour and is drop-proof for falls up to 4.5 meters.

The unique double-layer design is built for shock absorption and the high-tech neodymium magnets make this case super adhesive for MagSafe attachments.

Cases are wrapped in thermoplastic elastomer material, allowing for a tight fit and no water leakage.

The precise positioning of the cutouts makes the camera, speaker, volume buttons, and charging port very accessible. The Spider Waterproof case is made in a black/clear coat and costs $37 for newer iPhones.

Learn more about this waterproof phone case.

PunkCase Scuba

The PunkCase Scuba was created specifically for diving and snorkeling, allowing for crystal-clear underwater images with no phone damage.

It is IPX8 certified, which means you can take your phone almost 50 feet down for an entire hour.

While the case is bulky, it is made for easy removal with 6 exterior locking clips, so you never have to worry about leaks.

The wide construction offers ultimate compatibility for the Scuba to fit most phones. It currently comes in one color combination: all-black with orange details.

This case retails for $50. 

Learn more about this waterproof phone case.


Pelican’s waterproof product is a pouch, that’s built for both underwater submersion and buoyancy.

The “Marine Waterproof Floating Pouch” is made with air cushions that allow for easy retrieval if you get separated from your device in the water.

It comes with a detachable lanyard for even more security and is compatible with most smartphones.

The pouch is IP68-rated, meaning it is water-resistant up to 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Though it doesn’t have that clean, fitted look to it, this product is highly dependable for keeping your phone safe during most anything on a waterfront.

Buyers have three colors to choose from: all black, olive green, or black/highlighter yellow, each costing $25.

Learn more about this waterproof phone case.


Casebus’s “Titan” design is a metal waterproof phone case that users can bring 10ft under for 2 hours.

It is ideal for snorkeling if you’re looking to take some neat pictures of sea life or just everyday water activities like morning swims and paddle boarding.

The product is made of soft thermoplastic polyurethane material and a metal plate that also makes it drop-proof.

With a raised camera covering and built-in screen protector, the “Titan” lives up to its name.

In addition to water- and drop-proof, this case is dust- and scratch-proof. It costs just under $50 and comes in red, yellow, and black.

Learn more about this waterproof phone case.

Body Glove

The “Tidal Waterproof Phone Case” is Body Glove’s protective accessory that has a super lightweight build to prevent unnecessary bulk.

Each case is individually tested and like Pelican’s pouch, The Body Glove Tidal has earned an IP68 certification. 100% waterproof with a built-in screen protector, this product also keeps out sand, dust, and dirt.

Other features include vertical side grips and quick access to your phone’s ports and buttons.

This waterproof phone case is offered in one color, black/clear, and goes for $35. 

Learn more about this waterproof phone case.

The Bottom Line: Waterproof Phone Cases

Even if you’re unplugging from the world of social media or trying to save those work emails for when you get home from your next adventure, phone protection you know you can trust is important.

With the models above, you no longer have to be overly careful capturing photos or worry about accidentally taking a dip with your device in your pocket. 


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