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The Best Survival Knives Today

When you’re preparing for a camping or hunting trip in the woods, you’ll want a dependable survival knife that’s easy to carry and simple to use.

Some knives we’ve included in this guide include extra survival tools as well to give you full confidence during your excursion in the backcountry.

Here are the five best survival knife options for outdoor and adventure seekers today. 

The Best Survival Knife of 2024

This 15-inch survival knife has a fixed blade and is made of stainless steel and heavy-duty materials. This hunting knife’s rubber handle gives it a non-slip grip, making it easy to wield the 10-inch blade. This knife comes with a nylon sheath and a belt hanging system so you can carry it safely, and a black magnesium fire starter is also included in the package. The knife also comes with a silver sharpener that can sharpen the blade’s edge in about 10 seconds. 

According to customer reviews, the knife is sturdy and easy to use. Some customers, however, said that the blade shows scuffs and scratches quickly and is not durable enough. This hunting knife is available on Amazon for $19.99.

This 15-inch survival hunting knife has a fixed blade and comes with a sheath and belt hanging system so you can transport it safely.

The FLISSA knife has a clip point blade with a saw back and a soft rubber handle, making it easy to operate.

This bowie knife also comes with a fire starter and knife sharpener so you’re fully prepared for any outdoor scenario.

The FLISSA knife has a variety of uses — you can use it to cut through a rope, saw off a tree limb or carve a piece of meat. 

According to customer reviews, this survival knife is sharp and well made, with sturdy construction. Some customers, however, noted that the handle is not long enough to use comfortably.

This hunting knife is available on Amazon for $25.99.

This set comes with a primary 14-inch hunting knife and a second 7-inch skeleton knife with a gutting hook. The primary knife comes with a sheath-attached slingshot, knife sharpener, compass and sheath safety latch. On top of that, this wilderness hunting knife includes a survival tool storage capsule handle with a bandage, fire starter and matches, razor blade and tweezers. Other items in the capsule are a fishing line with weights and hooks, tweezers, a safety pin and needle and thread so you can be prepared for any outdoor challenge. 

According to customer reviews, the Maxam survival knife set is big and heavy, but it comes complete with all the survival tools advertised. Some customers said the slingshot is lower quality, but overall people appreciated the amount of items in this multitool. This survival knife set is available on Amazon for $32.95.

The Glock 81 field knife has a 12-inch coated blade to prevent corrosion with a plain edge on one side and a saw edge on the other. This black knife weighs 0.5 pounds and comes with a safety sheath. According to customer reviews, this field knife has an excellent grip and a solid handguard, plus a sheath that works for both left- and right-handed people. 

One customer noted that the knife can be difficult to unsheathe, but overall, buyers were impressed with the knife’s quality.  This Glock 81 knife is available on Amazon for $39.99.

Option 5: Gerber Gear LMF II 

Gerber Gear’s infantry survival tactical knife has a fixed 10-inch blade with a 4.84-inch partially serrated blade, the latter of which can be used as a pommel. This knife has a sheath made of ballistic nylon covered in fire retardant coating with a built-in sharpener and leg straps as well as a lanyard hole. This survival knife has a stainless steel blade and a handle made of glass-filled nylon. 

According to customer reviews, this military knife is heavy-duty with a well built sheath and has impressive grip and sharpness. The black Gerber Gear LMF II knife is available on Amazon for $149.98.

Best Survival Knife: Conclusion

When heading out on a camping, fishing or hunting trip, you’ll want to have a solid, dependable survival knife with you. Consider your preferred blade length and whether you’d like extra accessories to come with your knife before making your final decision. Once you make your choice, confidently head out on your next wilderness adventure with your new survival knife. 


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