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The Very Best Pop Up Tents for Your Next Camping Adventure

Pop-up tents can be set up within seconds and can be considerably more convenient than a regular tent.

Normal tents have frames that have to be constructed, these frames can be complicated and time consuming, with a pop up tent you simply remove it from the bag and unfold.

Different pop-up tents have unique shapes, sizes, material, and more. If your on the lookout for the best outdoor gear, this list will cover the five best options you have when looking to purchase a pop-up tent. 

What to Consider When Buying a Popup Tent

When looking for a pop-up tent, it’s important to consider how many people the tent will be holding.

Think about what kind of trip you’ll be going on, are you going backpacking or spending time at a campsite with family.

These factors and more will determine the size and shape of the pop-up tent you need.

The weight of a tent can also be an important factor if you are planning on backpacking. It's also important to make sure that the tent you purchase is suitable for the weather conditions you will be in.

Consider looking for a pop-up tent that includes a rain fly to protect form the rain. It’s important to remember that quality tents do not come cheap, the money spent on a tent is really spent on its reliability. 

The Best Popup Tents

This tent comes in two colors, Sunset Orange and Alpine Green. With a removable gear loft, six gear pockets, and a removable rainfly, this tent is a great option for both experienced hikers and beginners. The tent holds four people and has a peak height of 78 inches, making it great for families or a group of friends. This tent also has multiple windows for great visibility when inside.

The tents material is a 210-denier Oxford weave polyester that is waterproof up to a 2,000 mm HH rating. The tent has two D shaped doors for easy access. The T4 Hub Tent costs $399.95 on the REI website. 

This tent holds two people and is much more affordable at $89.99. The tent can be set up in 10 seconds and folds flat, making it easy to store and carry. The tent comes with an adjustable rainfly as well as a taped floor to keep you dry. The inside of the tent comes with gear pockets to hold items when not needed. This Burst Pop-Up Tent has a one year warranty.

This tent holds three to five people and comes in two colors, blue and orange. The tent comes in two different sizes, one size for three people and one for five. Made with a high-density waterproof and sunscreen fabric as well as six-side mesh, the will tent will hold rain or shine. The AURORA Pop-up tent costs $229.97 on the compass nature website. 

This tent comfortably holds two people up to six feet eight inches tall. The tent is made to withstand spring, winter and fall making it perfect for trips year round. Setting up this tent takes seconds with a built in pulling system on both sides. The tent has two doors making it accessible from either side. Created with blackout technology, you won’t have to worry about the sun waking you up in the morning. The ten also has fresh technology that keeps you cool by reflecting sun rays and isolating light. This option can be yours for $229 on 

The last tent on this list also happens to be the largest. You can set up this 8-10 person tent in just 60 seconds. This tent comes with a rainfly and is also made of waterproof fabric. This tent has one mesh door, five mesh windows, a mesh tent top, as well as side ventilation to keep consistent airflow inside. The tent is available on Amazon for $229.99. 

The Bottom Line: Best Popup Tent

At the end of the day, pop-up tents offer two things that regular tents do not, a simple set up and a simple deconstruction. The best pop-up tent for you depends on the kind of trips your planning. Regardless of if you choose one of the pop-up tents on this list or not, your sure to set up your camp site quickly and easily. 


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