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The Best Two Person Sleeping Bags for 2024

A two person sleeping bag is a must-have for any couple heading out on a camping trip. 

Below are a variety of two person sleeping bag options with a range of sizes, features and prices. 

Check out these soft double sleeping bags to decide which one is best for you. 

What is a Two Person Sleeping Bag, & Why Do You Need It? 

A two-person sleeping bag is designed to fit you and a partner on one double-wide pad or two solo pads, depending on your preference. 

It’s soft and cozy, and many models are water-repellent or come with a hood to keep you totally warm and dry. 

Keep reading to find out more advantages of a two-person sleeping bag. 

Advantages of a Two Person Sleeping Bag 

A two person sleeping bag gives each person more room while providing a warm place to sleep. The ideal double sleeping bag is insulated, lightweight, roomy and easy to carry. 

A double sleeping bag also allows each person to open or close their side of the flap as needed so they can sleep at their preferred temperature.

Disadvantages of Two Person Sleeping Bag 

While two-person sleeping bags have a lot going for them, there are a few disadvantages.

First, double sleeping bags tend to be bulky, which can make them challenging to pack and fit snugly into your car.

Their size can also make them difficult to wash and dry.

Second, one double sleeping bag is more expensive to replace than one or two single sleeping bags would be.

Once one side is damaged, it isn’t practical to keep the double bag with only one working side, which means you need to buy a whole new double sleeping bag. 

The Best Two Person Sleeping Bag Options Today 

Option 1: Teton Mammoth

The Teton Mammoth two-person sleeping bag is larger than a queen-sized mattress and comes with a soft, poly-flannel lining. 

The bag unzips on each side and traps warm air while keeping cold air out. 

You can easily stuff this polyester sleeping bag into its accompanying durable compression sack, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of rolling the bag up. 

The sleeping bag is water resistant and works best in temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit and above. 

The royal blue Teton Mammoth sleeping bag costs $158.07 on Amazon.

The Wawona Bed double sleeping bag has an extra-wide, rectangular shape with synthetic fill for warmth. This sleeping bag comes with anti-compression pads to avoid cold spots and keep you comfortable while sleeping on frozen ground. 

Its water-repellent finish keeps light rain and dew from damaging the bag, and its synthetic insulation traps heat. 

The Wawona Bed also includes a wraparound zipper so you can lay the bag flat for use as a quilt. 

This polyester bag comes in a dark blue shade with a matching stuff sack. 

One advantage of the Wawona Bed is that it comes in two sizes: regular and long. The regular size costs $199 and the long version costs $220 on the Backcountry website.

Option 3: REI HunkerDown

This cozy red-orange double sleeping bag from REI comes with an oversize hood that fits two home-size pillows for maximum comfort. 

The draft collar keeps warm air in while blocking cold outside air from entering, and the polyester lining makes the bag soft and cozy. 

The HunkerDown includes a wraparound zipper which lets you open the bag completely to use as a quilt if you prefer. 

The down insulation keeps you warm and the outside polyester shell keeps you dry as it repels water away from the bag. 

This easily compressible rectangular sleeping bag comes in a red-orange color and includes a matching sack where you can stuff your sleeping bag while it’s not in use. 

According to customer reviews, the bag’s size and weight make it difficult to use while backpacking. 

Several reviews noted that the sleeping bag is comfortable but quite long, and there are no options for a shorter length. 

The HunkerDown costs $349 on the REI website. 

This double sleeping bag stands out because it comes with a removable sheet for extra warmth and comfort. 

This taffeta sleeping bag also includes a puffy quilt and featherbed bottom insulated with recycled synthetic material. 

The draft collar and the double zipper pulls on both sides help to regulate temperature inside the sleeping bag. 

The Nemo Jazz rectangular sleeping bag comes with a matching duffel storage sack. 

According to Amazon, this item is often paired with the Nemo Roamer sleeping pad, a 7 pound plush air mattress that is easy to inflate. 

Customer reviews confirm that the sleeping bag and pad fit well together, and that while the pad is pricey, it’s comfortable and durable. 

The Nemo Jazz synthetic sleeping bag is available on Amazon for $349.95 and the Roamer sleeping pad costs $354.01.

The King Solomon double sleeping bag has a water repellent coating that can withstand light precipitation and also includes DownTek, which protects the bag’s insulation from moisture. 

This product has interior fabric loops to attach sleeping bag liners as well as a “Pillow Barn,” a slot which holds your pillows comfortably in place while you sleep. 

The sleeping bag comes with a fabric hood to give your head extra protection from moisture. 

The King Solomon bag comes in a dark blue color with a pad sleeve that fits either two individual pads or a single double-wide one. 

One advantage of the King Solomon bag is that it has a lifetime warranty. It comes in one size, “double,” and costs $449.95 on the Backcountry website.

The Bottom Line: Two Person Sleeping Bag 

A two person sleeping bag is essential for any couple taking a camping trip.

Consider which of these double sleeping bags works best for you based on their size, style and price.

Enjoy your next camping trip with a brand new two person sleeping bag. 


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