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The Best Women's Running Shorts of 2024

Updated: Jun 10

The best running shorts are comfortable and not restrictive, giving you freedom of movement while working out.

Airy shorts with quick-drying fabric are perfect for exercising thanks to their lightweight, breathable material.

In this article, we’ll list the best women’s running shorts of 2024 so you can find the brand and style that suits you the best. 

The Best Women's Running Shorts of 2024

Gymshark’s casual high-waisted shorts have an oversized fit and a stretch fabric side panel for maximum ease in running.

The waistband has a great silicone grip, making the shorts snug without feeling too tight.

According to customer feedback, the shorts are loose and comfortable, with high quality material and fit.

The black style of these women's running shorts costs $16.80 on Gymshark, while the cherry brown color costs $11.20. 

These pale orange polyester and spandex shorts have a low-rise cut and are made of lightweight fabric. The pair comes with New Balance DRY technology, which keeps athletes cool during high-intensity workouts.

The shorts also have an inside drop-in pocket where you can store keys while jogging. According to customer feedback, the shorts are durable and fit as expected.

These orange shorts cost $17.98 on Amazon; a black pair of the same product is listed for $34.89 on Amazon. 

Option 3: Val Cortlandt 

Van Cortlandt’s lightweight shorts have a 2.5-inch mid seam and are made with anti-microbial fabric and a mesh liner.

The liner comes with a small pocket under the back waistband that can fit keys or credit cards while you’re running.

According to customer feedback, the shorts have a classic look, are true to size and dry quickly.

These shorts cost $68 and are available in seven colors, including dark rose, light yellow and gray. 

Lululemon’s high rise classic fit shorts have a 3-inch midseam and are made with a quick-drying, mesh fabric liner.

The shorts have a high slit and drawstring waist and fit true to size.

According to customer feedback, though, a drawback is that the shorts are big in the waist and the material can tend to bunch up while running.

These women's running shorts cost $78 and are available in two colors, dark orange and black. 

Option 5: Soar 

Soar’s mid-thigh “Run Shorts” have stretch woven fabric for maximum elasticity and laser-cut ventilation holes along the sides of the shorts to keep them breathable.

Notched hems on the outer leg let you move freely while the quick drying fabric wicks away moisture.

These women's running shorts are available in sizes XS-XL and cost $125.

There are additional shipping and customs fees at checkout because the shorts come from the U.K., but Soar gives free shipping to the United States on all orders above $170. 

Running Shorts: Conclusion

These are five reliable brands and styles, and all of these options are worth considering as you decide which running shorts work best for you.

Consider the length and type of mid seam you want as well as whether you want pockets before choosing your favorite pair.

Enjoy your workouts in 2024 with your brand new set of running shorts. 


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