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The Ultimate Guide to Joshua Tree National Park

A beautiful desert, lined with trees, rocks, cactus and more: Joshua Tree National park is located in Southern California, the park sits in between the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert.

The countless activities that the park has to offer attract millions of people each year.

Picking from these top 7 things to do while visiting Joshua Tree National Park is sure fire way to fill your trip with excitement. 

Joshua Tree National Park Travel Guide

How expensive is visiting Joshua Tree National Park?

The price to drive into Joshua Tree National Park is $30.00, however, activities and camping can add to the total cost of your trip.

The prices of campsites within the park vary but you can expect to pay around $25 per night.

Additionally, rental services near the park provide any gear you may need to participate in

activities around the park.

What gear do you need for Joshua Tree National Park?

The gear you need to visit Joshua Tree National Park varies greatly depending on the length of your stay, the activities you are doing, and the time of year you are visiting.

Joshua Tree National Park is hot a majority of the year, it is important to wear thin clothes that provide protection from the sun.

It is essential that you pack a surplus of water when visiting Joshua Tree National Park. Packing a first aid kit is also important when visiting any national park.

If you are planning on camping, bring additional layers as the temperature decreases as the sun falls.

Wearing proper hiking shoes is also important to prevent injury and improve your overall comfort when walking around the park. 

When is the best time to go to Joshua Tree National Park?

The best times to visit Joshua Tree National Park is in the Fall and Spring seasons as temperatures will be at their most comfortable within the park.

It is important to know that better weather also comes with more visitors at the park.

If you are planning a trip during these seasons, it would be beneficial to visit during in the middle of the week. 

The 7 Best Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park in 2024

#1 Hiking

Joshua Tree National Park has around 300 miles of hiking trails.

There are hiking trails perfect for day trips as well as backpacking.

Popular trails within Joshua Tree National Park include the Ryan Mountain hike and the Barker Dam hike. 

#2 Rock Climbing

Joshua Tree National Park is well known for its great rock climbing locations. The park itself has over 8,000 climbing routes for climbers of all skill levels.

If you have experience rock climbing then you will have no shortage of climbing routes to visit.

If you are new to the sport, there are multiple companies that provide tours and climbing trips lead by certified climbing guides. 

#3 Stargazing

Joshua Tree national Park is far enough from any major city to avoid light pollution, leaving a clear view of the night sky.

If you stay in the park after sunset, you will have great views of the starry night sky. Joshua Tree National Park provides multiple designated areas for stargazing.

Some of these designated areas are located at the parking lots of Quail Springs, Hidden Valley, Cap Rock, and Ryan Mountain. 

4 Horseback Riding

Joshua Trees vast landscape makes it perfect for horseback riding.

The park provides 253 miles of equestrian trails within its borders as well as equestrian camp sites.

Multiple companies close to the park provide horseback riding tours with guides to lead you on the equestrian trails.

The two most popular areas in Joshua Tree to ride horses are Black Rock Canyon and areas near the West Entrance. 

#5 Biking

Similar to great number of hiking trails at the disposal of park visitors, there are a great number of biking trails available.

Biking through the park is a great way to see the park at a fast pace.

Companies near Joshua Tree Provide bike rentals year around. 

#6 Camping

Joshua Tree National Park has eight designated campsites throughout the park.

Reservations are required at Black Rock, Cottonwood, Indian Cove, Jumbo Rocks, and Ryan campsite.

The price to reserve a campsite in Joshua Tree National Park ranges from $20-$25 a night.

Campsites fill up quickly so it is important to reserve a campsite before your visit. 

#7 Bird Watching

Joshua Tree National Park is home to over 250 recorded bird species.

Bring binoculars and see what bird’s you can spot throughout the park. 

The Bottom Line: Joshua Tree National Park Travel Guide

Joshua Tree National Park is a playground for outdoor lovers, no matter what your interests are, the park has something for everyone.

Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or just by yourself, you are bound to have an unforgettable trip in Joshua Tree.  


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