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The Best Emergency Radios For Hiking, Storms & More

Whether you're at home during a storm or in the mountains on a hike, an emergency radio is an essential piece of equipment that keeps you updated on what is going on around you.

The best emergency radios are those that are durable and adaptable to the situation you find yourself in. 

What to Consider When Buying a Emergency Radio 

When shopping for an emergency radio, price should not be the first thing you consider.

One should consider a radios battery life, durability, water proofing, range, transmission, and many other things.

You want to be able to rely on the equipment that you bring with you on a long hike, this is especially true when it comes to a device that could potentially save your life.

Most emergency radios come with the same basic functions, however, some have extra features that may benefit you in the future. 

The Best Emergency Radios

This emergency radio is one of the best options you have.

With this particular radio, you have multiple ways to keep it charged.

The Midland ER310 emergency radio has a hand crank, rechargeable battery, and solar capabilities.

A fully charged battery can last up to 32 hours.

The radios battery can also charge devices through USB connection. Automatic weather alerts sound when announced on local channels.

The radio is equipped with an LED flashlight, SOS flashlight beacon that uses morse code, and an ultrasonic dog whistle.

The multiple features that this radio comes equipped with are perfect for emergency situations both during a hike and at home. This radio costs $69.99 on the Midland website. 

This radio can be powered by hand crank, solar, or AC adapter.

The radio can access 11 radio bands including AM/FM, shortwave channels 1 and 2, and 7 NOAA weather bands.

The radio automatically receives NOAA weather alerts.

Equipped with an LED flashlight as well as a LED reading lamp, this radio can provide light in any emergency situation.

The radio is water resistant and has a rubberized body that protects it from damage.

You can also charge your devices with the radios built in USB connecter. This radio comes in at $59.95. 

The Eton Odyssey All Band Weather Radio can also be powered via solar power, hand crank, or rechargeable batteries.

The Odyssey has a 5v/2.1A output USB port that can charge most devices in an emergency situation.

With a splash proof build, this radio is protected in all weather conditions.

The radio is equipped with an LED flashlight as well as a red emergency beacon.

You can also connect a mobile device via bluetooth to listen to music and more.

Additionally, the Eton Odyssey radio has a headphone jack and alarm clock.

This radio costs $79.99 on the Eton Corp website. 

This radio is best suited for hikers, skiers, and those participating in other similar activities.

With a compact and simple design, the Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio has a battery life of over 4 days on a single charge.

The radio works in cold conditions and is equipped with a shatterproof LED screen and thermoplastic protective covering.

This radio has a maximum range of over 35 miles. The mountain radio requires no configuration and has only 5 buttons for simple operation. This radio costs $110.00 on the rocky talkie website. 

The running snail Crank Weather Radio can be powered with solar, hand crank, or charging port. The radios 4000mAh battery has enough power to charge multiple smartphones.

This radio is equipped with a 3 mode flashlight, motion sensor reading lamp, and an external antenna. Additionally, the radio can access 7 NOAA stations.

The Running Snail Crank Weather Radio costs $65.02. 

The Bottom Line: Best Emergency Radio

Whether you are an avid hiker or just wanting to prepare for emergencies at home, an emergency radio can make all the difference in many dire situations.

Purchasing a quality emergency radio with features that fit your needs can make a stressful or dangerous situation much safer. 


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