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The Best Mountain E-Bikes for 2024

An electric mountain bike comes with a motor that gives you speed and assists tremendously on steep climbs, meaning that you can ride uphill without putting in too much effort.

Riding an e-bike helps you save energy, ride for longer periods of time and tackle more trails than you could with a traditional non-electric mountain bike.

Check out the options below to decide which mountain e-bike is the best fit for you. 

The Best Mountain E-bikes of 2024

This high-step Lectric option is an all terrain e-bike with 26 inch tires and a 1310W motor.

The mountain e-bike’s frame, handlebar and suspension are durable and can handle rugged terrain.

This e-bike comes equipped with five levels of pedal assist, hydraulic brakes and an adjustable and removable seat post for maximum comfort. 

The e-bike is on sale for $1,299, marked down $504 from its original price of $1,803.

A variety of accessories, including a suspension fork, front and rear racks, fenders, a headlight and a basket are included in this sale price. 

Option 2: RadRover 6 Plus

This fat-tire electric bike has a range of 45 miles per charge and can carry up to 275 pounds.

Its geared-hub 750W motor and front suspension fork are powerful and reliable, and its sturdy frame and hydraulic disc brakes are proof of a safe, well-engineered machine.

The bike delivers 45 miles or more per charge, giving you a long, comfortable ride on its wide puncture-resistant tires. . 

The e-bike is on sale for $1,599, marked down $500 from its original price of $2099.

The high-step version of the bike is geared toward riders between 5 ft 7 in and 6 ft 2 in tall, while the step-thru can accommodate riders between 5 ft 2 in and 6 ft 2 in. 

This dual-suspension Cannondale e-bike with an alloy frame and 85Nm torque does best when you’re maneuvering up and down hills on challenging trails.

This 12-speed mountain e-bike is powered by Bosch’s Performance Line CX 750 Wh battery, which can be charged while it’s on or off the bike.

The motor and battery are protected by a sealed battery cover and skid plate. 

This e-bike costs $4,500 and is available in three colors — mercury silver, deep teal and olive green.

According to customer reviews, the Cannondale Moterra has very reliable brakes and traction and can handle broken ground and dirt roads well. 

This 12-speed Levo e-bike is equipped with a Turbo Full Power motor and an M5 alloy chassis with 150 mm of rear suspension.

The motor is integrated with a 500 Wh battery and a turbo connect unit delivering 565 watts of power.

This durable mountain e-bike gives up to five hours of ride time and comes with a custom charger and specialized trail grips.  

According to customer reviews, the mountain e-bike’s brakes, suspension and shifting are great and the battery gives plenty of power for extended periods of riding. The e-bike comes in an ice blue/black color and costs $4,987.99 at Gregg’s Cycle. 

Option 5: Trek Rail 8

This alloy electric bike is powered by a Bosch drive system and removable integrated battery.

The one-piece battery and cover with a handle can be taken out and re-installed in the frame without tools, making it easy to transport and charge.

The Bosch Line CX motor has up to 85Nm of torque and an eMTB mode that changes how much the bike assists your pedaling based on the terrain. 

The bike’s smart system LED remote lets you change modes, displays your battery level and connects with Bosch’s eBike Flow app to give ride information and system updates.

You can use the app to customize the motor’s assists, track ride stats, get navigation help and receive service reminders.

This mountain e-bike comes in lava orange or gray/blue tones and costs $7,299.99 at Trek Bikes. 

Mountain E-bike: Conclusion

Consider these options and decide which works best for you so you can be ready for your next mountain e-biking adventure.

Keep in mind what sort of frame, motor and suspension you’re looking for, as well as the type of terrain where you’ll be riding.

Enjoy your time coasting through the mountains on one of these high quality e-bikes. 


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