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The Best Electric Campers for 2024

If you’re ready to try an electric camper, check out these innovative, modern vehicles.

With cutting-edge technology and creative designs, these electric campers are perfect for your next getaway.

See which of these campers is right for you. 

Electric Campers Guide 

History of Electric Campers

The world’s first fully electric RV, the Iridium EV, was unveiled in 2019 at an RV trade show in Germany. 

Since then, electric RVs have spiked in popularity — they have no emissions, don’t need gas or propane generators and can even have batteries capable of powering your home in case of a blackout. 

While they’re still a fairly new invention, electric RVs are quickly becoming the perfect outdoor vehicle for eco-conscious campers.

How Much Do Electric Campers Cost?

The electric campers in this guide range between $109,000 and $669,995 depending on the brand you choose and whether you include extra add-ons to the camper. 

The Best Electric Campers Today 

Option 1: Pebble Flow

The Pebble Flow has an all-aluminum frame and an aerodynamic design which gives better mileage, longer range and a safer towing experience compared to a traditional travel trailer. 

The Pebble Flow’s EV battery has the capacity to power all appliances and stay off-grid for up to a week, while its integrated solar lets you self-charge on the go for a constant power supply. 

This 25-foot trailer has a convertible full bed and a queen murphy bed, which sleeps four people comfortably. 

It comes with a 37-gallon fresh tank and a 50-gallon grey & black combined tank. 

This electric camper’s “Magic Hitch” means it can sight, align and hitch all by itself so you don’t have to worry about manually connecting it to your truck.

Once you’re at your campsite, the Pebble Flow’s “InstaCamp” feature auto-levels the trailer, unfolds the stairs, turns on lights, sets your preferred temperature, unlocks the door and even pitches your awning with just a touch of a button. 

The innovative Pebble Flow is available for pre-order for $109,000. If you want the full “Magic Pack,” which includes the magic hitch feature, the price goes up to $125,000. See the Pebble Flow website for more information about pricing and potential EV tax credits. 

Option 2: Coast Model 1

Coast RV’s Model 1 is 21 ft in length, sleeps four people and includes 22 kWh of power. 

The Model 1 includes six panoramic double-paned insulated windows with screens for maximum comfort, plus two electric floor heaters and air conditioning. 

Other interior features include a 7-gallon Bosch hot water heater and a dining table, which easily switches to a day bed. 

The Model 1 comes equipped with 8 roof-mounted solar panels for 1600 watts total and a 50-amp electrical service. 

There is an auto-leveling system available as well as four manual stabilizer jacks. The lithium battery system, Coast Further, comes with 22 kWh and charges effectively in temps as low as -4 degrees or as high as 131 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This 2024 Model 1 is available now for $119,400. Your camper will be delivered in 12 weeks or less. 

Option 3: Lightship L1 

The Lightship L1 has a driving height of 6 feet 9 inches and includes a low center of gravity thanks to batteries being packaged in the chassis. 

On top of its stable towing system and electric drivetrain, the Lightship has two extendable solar awnings to keep the trailer interior and exterior cool and comfortable. 

The L1’s outdoor camp kitchen includes a large countertop, induction cooktop and collapsible sink, making it easy to chop and prepare food outside. 

The L1 sleeps 4-6 people and has a 7’6’’ interior height. It comes with a digital tablet interface to dim lights, check power levels and plan out the next part of your trip on GPS. 

The L1 is available for pre-order now, and production is expected to begin in late 2024. 

To reserve an L1, put down a fully refundable deposit of $500.

The full price of the L1 Essential is $125,000 while the L1 Long Range, which has all-electric camping and a drive motor, starts at $151,000. See Lightship’s website for information about pricing and potential EV tax credits. 

Option 4: Living Vehicle

The Living Vehicle luxury travel trailer comes with a solar refrigerator and water pump, plus several amenities like television and indoor/outdoor lights which each operate four hours per day. Optional equipment for this trailer includes a washer, dryer and dishwasher, each of which runs two cycles per week. You can also include a water generator, which functions for eight hours per day. 

Living Vehicle’s HD30 Eco model stores 100 gallons of fresh water and has 3-7 days worth of energy off grid thanks to 600-watt solar.

Inside, there is a bedroom skylight with a great view of the stars and cross-ventilation windows at opposite walls. A bathroom and shower are also included. 

The Living Vehicle Eco starts at $399,995. Other options include the HD30 Cor, which has 7-14 days of energy off-grid and starts at $459,995 and the HD30 Max, which has 3,000 solar watts and starts at $559,995. 

If you’d prefer the HD30 Pro, you’ll get 4,400 solar watts and infinite days of solar energy off grid, plus 5 gallons of water generated per day. This option starts at $669,995.

Option 5: Grounded G2

The 24-ft Grounded G2 campervan has over 250 miles of range and a high roof. 

This van comes with remotely controllable electronics and 1000 watts of solar for charge. 

When it comes to its electric power, it’s easy to charge the G2 at home or at electric vehicle charging ports around the country. 

Once you place your refundable deposit, the Grounded team will contact you to help you through the buying process and work with you to create your ideal layout. 

You can put down a $100 refundable reservation for a G2 vehicle with 250 miles of range. 

This G2 comes with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty including tires as well as an 8 year/100,000 mile electric vehicle propulsion warranty. 

All interior modules and components are also under a one-year warranty. 

Download the Grounded+ app to control lighting and temperature in your campervan, monitor fuel and water levels, check the vehicle’s battery status and control appliances away from the vehicle. 

This campervan is expected to ship in early 2025. Pricing information beyond the $100 preorder is not currently available.

The Bottom Line: Electric Campers 

It’s very likely that electric campers are the future of trailer camping, and 2024 is the perfect time to buy one and get used to its unique functions. 

Consider the size and cost of each option before making your final decision. Enjoy a luxury outdoor vacation in your brand new electric camper. 



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