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The Best Bear Sprays for 2024

Updated: 6 days ago

Bear repellent is a must-have item while camping or hiking in areas where bears are prevalent. 

After you purchase your bear spray, get familiar with how the spray mechanism works so you can be ready to use it immediately if needed.

Check out these great bear sprays to determine which one is best for you. 

What is Bear Repellent, & Why Do You Need It?

Bear spray is a non-lethal substance that hikers and campers use to deter aggressive bears from causing harm.

When sprayed, this product irritates the bear’s eyes, nose, mouth, throat and lungs, which sidetracks the bear and protects you from potential injury.

Check out this guide to bear repellent so you can be prepared should you come across a bear while camping or hiking. 

The Best Bear Repellent Options Today

Option 1: Counter Assault

Counter Assault’s powerful bear spray has a range of 40 feet and shoots concentrated pepper spray continuously for eight seconds.

The high-volume blast of concentrated pepper spray is formulated to ward off attacks from all bear species, including grizzly, brown, black and polar bears.

Counter Assault bear spray comes with a nylon belt holster which attaches to belts and packs.

This bear spray also has a glow-in-the-dark safety tab which makes it easy to use at night if needed. 

A 10.2-oz can of this bear spray plus an accompanying holster is available on Christy Sports for $54.99.

Sabre’s fast-acting bear spray has a range of 35 feet and releases a heavy fog of about 1.84 oz per 1 second burst, keeping you protected from an advancing bear.

The environmentally-friendly spray is made of the strongest formula permitted by law and is field-tested and proven to work against all kinds of bears.

Sabre Frontiersman bear spray comes with a quick draw belt or chest holster. 

A 9.2-oz can of this bear spray plus an accompanying holster is available on Sabre’s website for $54.99.

Additional accessories that you can purchase with the bear spray include a bear bell for $5.99, bear horn for $14.99 and a 7.9-oz practice bear spray for $21.99.

UDAP’s Pepper Power bear deterrent has a range of 30 feet and shoots out hot red pepper in a shotgun blast pattern.

This non-flammable spray is produced by a grizzly bear attack survivor, according to the UDAP website, and it works on all bear species.

The actuator safety clip helps prevent accidental discharges of the deterrent, while the aluminum bottle’s large rectangular nozzle propels the fog to a wider range once the button is activated. 

A 7.9-oz can of this bear spray with an accompanying hip holster is available for $50 on Sportsman's Warehouse

Option 4: Guard Alaska

Guard Alaska’s Mace bear spray releases in a continuous stream and shoots up to 20 feet, with a power fogger design that empties the can in 9 seconds.

This spray is designed with caution in mind — it has a finger-loop handle to help with accuracy and a safety cap to prevent misfires.

To activate the spray, remove the orange safety wedge from the top of the grip and push down on the actuator button. 

A 12-oz can of this bear spray is available for $25 on Amazon, and there are a variety of products which Amazon recommends bundling with the Guard Alaska bear spray.

A spray and bear bell combo costs $40.22 while buying pepper gel with the spray costs $46.24.

The bear bell rings while you hike to warn animals of your presence, while the pepper gel can be fired repeatedly for 18 bursts. 

Aimsieze’s pepper gel bear deterrent with ultraviolet dye has a range of 15-20 feet, and the spray itself is a 10% OC pepper formula.

Pull the safety cap on this compact can and press the button for quick self defense when you need a maximum spray level in smaller quantities.

This bear spray gel has a ring handle with a safety clip, making it easy to carry.

To activate the bear spray, pull down the orange safety wedge on the top of the handle and press the start button. 

Bear Repellant Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is bear spray stronger than pepper spray?

Yes, bear spray is typically stronger than pepper spray because it covers a larger area and shoots from farther away.

Bear spray also has a higher concentration of the active ingredient than pepper spray does. 

Q. Which states do I need bear spray?

Bring bear spray to national parks with an abundance of grizzly bears, including Glacier in Montana and Grand Teton in Wyoming.

In California’s Yosemite National Park, however, bear spray is not permitted. 

Q. What neutralizes bear spray?

Dish soap, water and any detergent designed to remove greases and oils can be used to neutralize and clean off bear spray, should it accidentally discharge. 

Q. Does bear spray permanently harm the bear? 

No, the effects of bear spray are temporary and do not do any lasting damage to the bear. 

The Bottom Line: Bear Repellent

If you’re planning on camping or hiking in an area where you could run across a bear, be sure to check out these bear sprays first so you can be well-equipped for your wilderness adventure.

Consider the cost, size and release mechanism of the bear spray before choosing which one you prefer.

Never provoke or intentionally aggravate a bear, but should you have an unexpected encounter with one, have your bear spray at the ready. 


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