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Oregon Coast Hiking Guide for 2024

For some, hiking remains indispensable in a travel itinerary, and in that case, Oregon won’t disappoint.

With Crater Lake, Smith Rock, and other iconic destinations, Oregon has rightfully gained its status as a hiking paradise, and this reputation extends seamlessly to the Oregon Coast.

Although any stretch of Highway 101 offers a natural wonder of some sort, there are certain destinations that will stop the show entirely.

Lincoln City

At the heart of the Oregon Coast, Lincoln City resides, with the Cascade range overlooking the town offering a selection of oceanside hikes.

Further inland, Lincoln City boasts an array of waterfalls, fresh-water pools, and creekside trails––premiere for those seeking a casual forest stroll.

Whatever your hiking aspirations, Lincoln City proves second to none for outdoor enthusiasts.


Tillamook serves as the perfect homebase for a plethora of incredible hikes.

Conveniently located within an hour of Oregon’s finest coastal lookouts, Tillamook County is wealthy in splendor, from the soaring heights of Neahkahnie Mountain to the serenity of Cape Lookout.

Should long and grand trailheads be on your bucket list, then Tillamook County proves ideal for your next coastal vacation.

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park stands as a hiking haven in its own right, satisfying all your adventurous desires. Nestled in the tranquil expanse of rolling hills and golden cliffs, Ecola is considered Oregon’s most impressive beach.

Wading in the breakers at Ecola is an ethereal experience, and one that you will never forget.

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

The Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor stands as the most scenic stretch of Highway 101.

With capes, coves, and beaches galore, the Boardman Corridor fails to disappoint even the most staunch outdoor enthusiasts.

Despite being just twelve miles long, the Boardman Corridor provides days of hiking and beach-walking adventures.

And yes, it is hard to imagine so many natural wonders being so close, but that’s just the Boardman Corridor for you.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your Pacific dreams may be, the Oregon Coast surpasses the most extravagant fantasies. From shimmering coves, towering cliff sides, and beaches embraced by lush pine forests, the Oregon Coast fulfills every expectation.

If you are suffering from outdoor fever, check in with any of the spots mentioned above and you’ll be cured in no time at all.


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